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Cost From: 29,000.00

SIZE  : 40 X 10

SFT    : 400


Outdoor Media Information


Hoarding ID SUHJK 58
Lighting Type NON-LIGHTING
A.I.N Number  # – – – – –
Towards To MAIN ROAD
Size 40 X 10
SFT 400

Hoarding Advertising in Aishmuqam | Hoarding Advertising cost in Srinagar

Hoarding Advertising is one of the trendiest advertisements among the brands for advertising in this billboard. Outdoor advertising in this location is most effective for mass targeting.

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Out-of-home (OOH) advertising or outdoor advertising agency 

Nearby Outdoor Media

Nearby Outdoor Media Format Options :

  1. Hoarding Advertising: Hoardings are the large billboards placed at strategic places facing huge traffic in this city. Unipole ads also giving maximum visibility for mass targeting
  2. Bus Shelter Advertising: Number of bus stops are placed in this city where a large number of people gather waiting for buses.
  3. Road Median Advertising: Road Medians are small sized lighting boards placed on the dividers between the main roads.
  4. Pole Kiosk Advertising: Most of the main roads having pole kiosks on the poles between and beside the roads. It’s having two side visibilities.
  5. Bus / Train / Cab / Auto Advertising: Bus Advertising, Train Advertising, Cab Advertising and Auto Advertising are treated as Transit Advertising or Moving Outdoor Media.
  6. Airport Advertising: Airport Advertising is the finest way to reach high class valuable customers.
  7. Mall Advertising: Mall advertising is advertising displays that are placed inside shopping malls
  8. Metro Pillar Advertising: Metro train covering many parts of the tier 1 cities.
Additional Information

Additional information

Campaign Duration

Above Board Cost allows for booking 30 Days (4 Weeks) Campaign Duration only

Damage in Display

During the display period, if the flex torn off, damaged, a theft occurred, we have no responsibility. Additional Vinyl, flex has to be supplied by the client.

AD- Board Targeted To

Reach Business Men & Women, Reach Corporate Audience, Reach Families, General, Reach Government Officials, Reach High-Income Earners, Reach College Students, Reach Low Income Earners, Reach Medium & Upscale Shoppers, Reach Middle Class, Reach Rural & Urban Clientele, Reach Travelers, Reach Tourists


All Sites are subject to availability at the time of confirmation by Board Owner

Creative and Artwork

Creative Artwork, Vinyl Flex will be supplied by Client only

Any Additional Charges

Vinyl Flex Mounting Charges and Service Tax Extra

Campaign Starts from

The campaign will start from your confirmation as per your booking slot

Booking Terms & Conditions
  • All Booking Dates will be Shown as Per Availability!
  • Board AD- Space “BOOKING COST“: will be shown for  30 (Days), in weeks 4(weeks) , in months 1(month).
  • 18% Goods & Service Tax Applicable Extra on Booking Cost.
  • Online Payment Gateway allows Payment after “CHECK AVAILABILITY” Conformation of Booking by The Board Owner!
  • To Add Your Media Plan Please Click on “ADD TO MEDIA PLAN” then Login To Share Your Media Plan!
  • In Case Booked Ad Space is Not Available As Per Requirements Amount will be Refunded within 3 Days from The Date of Invoice Generation!
  • No Cancellation will Acceptable after 6 days Following The Invoice Generation!

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