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Billboard Advertising is as well known as Hoarding in India, UK and many other countries of the world, it is a big outdoor advertising structures generally located top of the Buildings, and frequently we found in heavy-traffic areas such as crowded places. Hoardings appear huge Advertisements to passing walkers and traveler.


Hoarding is a large Out-of-home (OOH) advertising structure, which is an erected structure over top of buildings and alongside major roadside, preferably at places with high traffic, famous and busy roads. They are large structure and present advertisements which are visible to people to people crossing it on roads walking or during traffic.

Hoardings show distinctive and attractive visuals and witty slogans which are highly visible majorly in all designated top markets. This is an outdoor advertising or marketing done to get the attention of people. These have high-density exposure of consumer majorly due to traffic. These give a lot of visibility not only due to the size, but also because of the creative “advertising” which could be done by embellishments and extensions.

Hoarding meaning :

A hoarding is a very large board at the side of a road or on the side of a building, which is used for displaying advertisements and posters. These are very typically very large and are located primarily on roads which are highways or roads connecting major destinations.

Hoarding Meaning in English

[British] An advertising hoarding on the platform caught her attention.

Hoarding Meaning in Hindi

[Hindi] विज्ञापन-तख्ता – Large outdoor signboard

Hoardings board :

Small Boards and Hoardings are the other common form of out of home Advertising, located mostly along primary and secondary arterial roads. Hoardings are a smaller format than uni-poles and are viewed principally by residents and traveler traffic, with some pedestrian exposure.

Billboard Advertising :

Billboard advertising is an Outdoor Media format that is next to a road, on the side of a building . Usually screening big, ostensibly witty Color full Vynl flex banners, and unique visuals, billboards are highly visible in the top market areas. The cost of this Hoardings or Billboards will be based on the Size, Visibility, and Location of the Board.

Billboard Advertising :

Billboard advertising is Searching for physically tiresome and time taking task. Mera hoardings is the online booking market place for hoarding advertising steps in. It helps the advertiser to book hoardings online. If advertising agency is looking out to post a Hoarding ad, we assist them to find out Hoardings locations, availability and cost in just a few clicks.

This new hoardings booking online company is a result of extensive outdoor advertising industry research and executive team’s vast experience in oudoor advertising. It drives for high growth of the Out-of-home (OOH) Outdoor advertising industry are altering demographic trends and augmenting customer consciousness and increased spending by advertisers, changing macro-dynamic variables and growing people who spend majority time outdoor.

Hoarding and Billboard advertising Online Booking :

Online prospects for Hoarding Advertising Agencies in India are not only intense and optimistic; it became one of the main contributors to the growth of Outdoor  advertising industry in India. This sector along with the online booking of hoarding space changed the market dynamics of the outdoor advertising industry. In fact, they have replaced the big market players on traditional media like print and TV.