Unipole is an outdoor media format known as Big Hoarding. Outline structure is mounted in a single strengthen pole or column. The Unipole is a large-format telecast type sited atop a very upper pole. Its efficiency is enhanced by the fact that this billboard can be seen plane from long distances.

Types of Unipole Ads

There are two options when it comes to lighting: this can either be a front lighting or back lighting.

Unipole Hoarding Advertising

Unipole comes under biggest size outdoor advertising format, known as Unipole Hoardings, are located mostly on the main highways, expressways. This billboards pay for maximum visibility due not only to their size but because they allocate creative “customizing” through extensions.

unipole and billboard advertising

Eventually, as more people began to travel by Own Vehicles, Unipole Billboards were erected to advertise roadside attractions, cities, Textile, car Showroom services, restaurants and a number of other things that might entice weary car travelers to pull off the highway for a brief respite. Today, Unipole advertisements can be seen in cities and along roadways all over the India.

Unipole Advertising Online Booking

Usually, Unipole showing great, apparently witty Vinyl Flex, and unique visuals, unipoles are significantly visible in the top chosen market areas. Many unipole signage advertise cities local restaurants and shops in the coming miles and are critical to drawing business in small towns.

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