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Premier Badminton League.. National Outdoor Campaign By Merahoardings

Premier Badminton League National Outdoor Campaign By Mera Hoardings

The word revolution is a bit tired these days, but it’s fair to say that the possibilities explored by Mera Hoardings outdoor advertising online booking systems are far-reaching.

The Outdoor Advertising AD-Space online booking platform, launched in December 2015 with media inventory in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, from the day we have started every step we have  a growth in all aspects,and Today,  reached out to 20 states across the Pan India and is all set to expand its operations pan-India in due course. It’s an Indian Great Startup for outdoor advertising industry, has lunched the world’s first Outdoor AD-Space mobile booking through The app, compatible with Android and IPhone Operating System (iOS) mobile devices,  which has been launched by the Pro kabaddi Telugu Titans’ team.

Now again these baddies are back with Premier Badminton league PBL Premier Badminton League is a franchise league, managed and commercially owned by the Badminton Association of India, and  here were happy to share that merahoardings is the official  outdoor media patner for pbl league,and  we had  successfully done National campaign for PBL its not only a commercial campaign we had a partnership with every outdoor space it’s a new trend in india usually every event campaign will be managed by commercial terms only now we have tied-up entire PBL tournaments to reach each and every place through the outdoor media. The director of PBL Prasad Mangipodi has given guidelines for badminton reaching points with those support we had  reached Every targeted place which will pin badminton audience. We have done campaign in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Lucknow and Delhi where PBL tournaments organizing.

“Getting exposure via outdoor advertising can be incredibly expensive. Mera Hoardings have a solution that is simple, speedy and cost effective, perfect for an up and coming Sports Leagues like Premier Badminton League.”

– Shri Prasad Mangipudi (Executive Director, PBL)

We want to break the nature of current outdoor advertising industry environment for clients on all sides of the business. How we are using our experience in Ios and Android Outdoor ads Online Booking mobile technology to help our Outdoor Agency transform their business models, Premier Badminton League is a greatest milestone in our career path..– said CEO & Founder Dr. Saikrishna Gajavelly (MBA, Ph.D.)

Premier Badminton League


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