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Carolina Marin Launched Mera Hoardings Helloooh Technology

Mera Hoardings An Indian Startup Now Introducing New Helloooh Technology to Entering into World Market with World Champion Carolina Marin.

Indian Outdoor Adverting Online Booking Startup Mera Hoarding’s Introducing New Outdoor Advertising Analytics Technology “HellooOH” Endorsed by Carolina Marlin (Olympic Badminton Gold medal Champion)

Outdoor Advertising monster Mera Hoardings, which online Trading platform have tens of thousands of billboards across the country, introduced that it will be debuting a new kind of AD-Space Buyer-tracking system and reach ability analytics called HelloooH. Following in the footsteps of targeted advertisements seen on the Website and Mobile APP, Helloooh will tap into data from several partner companies to determine what kinds of advertisements will be displayed on a billboard screen. Just as importantly, the system will also track how many vehicles are passed from the billboards and How many impressions has gained with the passing crowds and Vehicles count analytics (i.e 200cars, 500 trucks) Ad-Space Buyer 24/7 lively get reports of analytics on Demand.

Helloooh Campaign Rehabilitee Analytics Technology Tested with Premier Badminton League outdoor Campaign

HelloooH’s new ooH technology Tested with Premier Badminton League National outdoor campaign in India and its rated high immpressions to Carolina marin world badminton champion’s billboards, Carolina Marin is impressed and Launched helloooH technology

Founder Dr Saikrishna Gajavelly Explaining Helloooh Technology and Campaign Tracking  System.

We want to break the nature of current outdoor advertising industry environment for clients on all sides of the business. How we are using our experience in “” technology to help our Outdoor Agency transform their business models, Helloooh is greatest milestone in our career path. Thanks to Carolina Marin for supporting  us.– said

Chairman & Founder Dr. Saikrishna Gajavelly (MBA, Ph.D.)

“Reliable, fast and efficient..All the Best Look forward to future campaigns.”.said

                 — Carolina María Marín Martín (Olympic Badminton Champion)”

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Carolina Marin Launched Mera Hoardings Helloooh Technology



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