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Carolina Marin Launched OOH Marketplace Mobile APP

Mera Hoardings ropes in Badminton World Champion Carolina Marin to launched out-of-home (OOH) Marketplace Mobile app.

Data + Mobile + OOH = HellooOH’s MeraHoardings Marketplace Mobile.World Champion Carlolina Marin initiates the launch of the world’s Foremost Billboard Advertising Connecting OOH Marketplace mobile app.

Data + Mobile + OOH = HellooOH’s Merahoardings Marketplace Mobile. Now everything we are booking from mobile app like flight tickets, hotel rooms, food and even groceries also why don’t we book billboard from mobile app? OOH + Mobile Integration app connects all the Billboard Media owners and Buyers shows that mobile click-through rates increase by up to 25% when supported by OOH. Additional research from our sources, states better performing OOH campaigns create a 38% uplift in short-term brand action taken via mobiles, with 66% of all actions being direct to the brand itself.

Playing it Ace for Ace in a competitive world takes a mastery that very few people possess. Bolstering this attitude, the start-up and India’s first online outdoor advertising booking platform has launched the world’s first OOH Marketplace Mobile application which is compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices. And to augment this pioneering launch, the company had none other than the World Champion herself, Spanish ace shuttler Carolina Marin.

Indian Outdoor Advertising AD-Space’s online booking platform was launched in December 2015 and from the day of its inception it has made a tremendous foothold in the OOH industry and has been witnessing a steadfast overall growth. Bearing testimony to that is their presence across 20 states with a wide assortment of 10,000+ Billboards/Hoardings across 5000+ diverse vendors.

Mera Hoardings has launched the world’s first multi-vendor OOH market place mobile app, which operates as an outdoor companies’ platform that allows agencies to set up their own marketplace. Consequently, multiple hoarding companies and agencies can sign up and register themselves to sell their Vacant billboard / hoardings on the online website. The Mera Hoardings OOH Multi Agency board booking module is easy for agencies to set up their own shop page and sharing their profile and Outdoor Media Boards on one page, thereby allowing segregation of Available Hoardings from different Advertising Companies. The OOH Marketplace module will prove to be a one stop solution for Billboard Space buyers who shall be making bookings from different agencies from

“Mera Hoardings is a great concept – it allowed us to hand-select advertising space at a very reasonable price in exactly the locations we wanted. All the Best for launching the multi vendor mobile app. We wish you all great success in the outdoor advertising industry.”  Said-. Carolina Marin, Badminton World and Olympic champion.

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